Keynote Lecture

43rd International Conference on Parallel Processing

(ICPP -2014)

Minneapolis, MN

September 9, 2014


"Data Centric Systems: The Next Paradigm in Computing"


Speaker:  Dr. Tilak Agerwala

Vice President, Data Centric Systems

IBM T.J. Watson Research Center


Dr, Tilak Agerwala

Presentation Slides
Dr. Agerwala is Vice President of Data Centric Systems at IBM’s TJ Watson Research Center and is responsible for ensuring that IBM leads the industry in the next generation of scalable systems for big data, analytics, technical and cognitive computing. Prior to this, as Vice President of Systems research, he was responsible for all of IBM Research activities worldwide on the next-generation hardware and software technologies for IBM’s servers, supercomputers, storage, data center networking, and cloud infrastructures. He joined IBM at The T.J. Watson Research Center in 1979, and has held executive positions in research, strategy, advanced development, marketing and business development. His research interests are in the areas of high performance computer architectures and systems. Dr. Agerwala is a founding member of the IBM Academy of Technology, a Fellow of the IEEE, a member of the Government University Industry Research Round Table, and a member of the Technology Leadership and Strategy Initiative of the Council of Competitiveness.  He received his B.Tech. in electrical engineering, from the Indian Institute of Technology - Kanpur and his Ph.D. in EE from The Johns Hopkins University. He has given well over a hundred invited presentations, keynotes, and distinguished lectures at conferences, universities and national laboratories worldwide.