MS Coursework Plan of Study


Transfer Courses

MS students may transfer a maximum of 3 regular courses (9 credit hours). You can transfer courses taken at other universities and apply them to your plan of study. For the course number, enter the number at the other institution, for example CSI 345 for a Computer Science and Information course. However, the course number cannot match the number of another course that you enter here (this is a limitation of this bubble-gum-duct tape software, not a graduate school restriction. It will be fixed in a future update). As an example, consider a transfer of CS 5714 for a class at another university, and you also took CS 5714 here at VT. To make the transfer course unique, add an X to the department name (e.g., CSx 5714 for the transfered course).

Remember that you must fill out a Credit Transfer Request Form (doc, pdf). Transfers must be approved before the PoS is approved.

Course Semester/Year Breadth Area Credits
Total credits

4000 Level Courses

Only 1 course (3 credits) at this level can be included in an MS plan of study. 4000 level courses cannot be used for breadth requirements. Enter the course number as CS 4xxx or CS4xxx.

Course Semester/Year Credits

5000 Level Courses

You need at least 33 credits to complete the MS Coursework requirements. You can have at most one 4000 level course (another 3 credits). The rest of the credits are 5000 or above. CS5014 may not be used for a terminal Coursework-only MS degree.

Course Semester/Year Credits

CS 6000 Level Courses

You need at least 1 course (3 credits) from CS 6000 level courses. This course will count for breadth requirement.

Course Semester/Year Credits

CS 5944 Graduate Seminar

Three semesters of 1 credit each required in each plan of study. These credits do not count towards the 90 minimum credits required for the plan of study.

If you do not have 3 seminars but have an approved exception to this requirement, then just leave the semester blank and write a note in the comments section indicating how and when you obtained the approval.

Course Semester/Year Credits
CS5944 Graduate Seminar 1
CS5944 Graduate Seminar 1
CS5944 Graduate Seminar 1

Total Graduate Credits

Total credits in this plan of study: total

Advisory Committee Members

Enter the name of your advisor, typically the instructor for the CS 5974 Independent Study.

Role Name Department/University Signature

Comments and exceptions

Please include below any exceptions or other comments that explain unique conditions in your plan of study.



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