This web app allows you to fill out your Plan of Study (PoS). Please read this carefully as this is a quick-and-dirty application that works in particular ways and does only a few things. The PoS is not saved nor is it submitted for you.

Steps to follow:

  1. Meet with your advisor and plan what courses to take.
  2. Visit this website and fill out the plan of study.
  3. Download the plan of study for your records.
  4. Print the plan of study (from this site).
  5. Collect signatures from your graduate committee.
  6. Submit the form to the CS department (giving it to the Graduate Coordinator).
  7. The department collects the signature of the Graduate Director.
  8. The plan of study is entered in Banner and approved by the graduate program staff (Director and Coordinator).
  9. The plan of study is then forwarded to the graduate school.

A note on error checks. As you fill out the form, the app does a validation to check a number of things against the rules for plans of study stated in the CS Graduate Handbook. It is possible that your plan of study will have special circumstances (e.g., transfers, approved cognates out of the list of preapproved courses, new special topics) that cannot be handled by the app. In those cases, you can still print out the form and submit it, it will just include some checks and notices that will make it easier for the department to process. Any other out of the norm situation, you can include a comment in the form in the space provided.

CS Graduate Plan of Study

PhD Plan of Study

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MS Plan of Study

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