Program for the High Performance Computing Symposium
(HPC 2010)

Orlando, FL

April 12-15, 2010

part of the

SCS Spring Simulation Multiconference (SpringSim'10)



Afternoon-1 (Monday 4/12, 1:30-3:00)

Keynote Talk.

High Performance Computing in Human Centered Simulation

Dr. Brian Goldiez, Deputy Director, Institute for Simulation and Training, University of Central Florida

Dr. Roger Smith, Chief Technology Officer, U.S. Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation



Afternoon-2 (Monday 4/12, 3:30-5:00)

Numerical Methods

Collocation Least-squares Polynomial Chaos Method
Haiyan Cheng1 and Adrian Sandu2
1Willamette University, 2Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Revisiting Cramer’s Rule for Solving Dense Linear Systems
Ken Habgood and Itamar Arel
University of Tennessee

Block Householder Computation of Sparse Matrix Singular Values
Gary W. Howell
North Carolina State University

Machine-Efficient Chebyshev Approximation for Exact Arithmetic: their Use With First-Order Ordinary Differential Equations
Mohammed Abutheraa and David Lester
The University of Manchester



Morning-1 (Tuesday 4/13, 8:30-10:00)

Numerical Optimization

"Obtaining and using second order derivative information in the solution of large scale inverse problems"
Mihai Alexe,  Alexandru Cioaca,  Adrian Sandu
Virginia Tech

Results of Two Global Optimization Algorithms Applied to a Problem in Biomechanics
Nicholas Radcliffe1,  David Easterling1,  Layne Watson1,  Michael Madigan1,  Kathleen Bieryla2
1Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 2Bucknell University

Sequential Approximate Optimization in the Problem Solving Environment WBCSim
Shubhangi Deshpande1 and Layne Watson2
1Department of Computer Science, Virginia Tech, 2Department of Computer Science and Mathematics, Virginia Tech



Morning-2 (Tuesday 4/13, 10:30-12:00)

Parallel Computing Methodologies

A Parallel Longest Common Subsequence Algorithm in UPC
Bryan Franklin and Steven Seidel
Michigan Technological Univ.

An MPI-based Implementation of Intelligent Agents on Clusters
Blesson Varghese,  Gerard McKee,  Vassil Alexandrov
University of Reading

Optimizing performance of packet capture in virtual containers of OpenVZ
Yi Zhao,  Guanyuan Zhang,  Jiangning Cui
Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

HPC 2011 planing meeting


Tuesday 4/13, 12:00-1:30

"Traditions" room. Open to HPC organizing committee.



Afternoon-1 (Tuesday 4/13, 1:30-3:00)

Keynote Talk.

Towards a multiscale unified simulation environment (MUSE) for the geosciences.

Dr. Amik St-Cyr, Scientist for the Institute for Mathematics applied to Geosciences, National Center for Atmospheric Research



Afternoon-2 (Tuesday 4/13, 3:30-5:00)

Time Stepping

An efficient error control mechanism for the adaptive `parareal' time discretization algorithm
Bianca Lepsa and Adrian Sandu
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Blacksburg

Stiffness Detection and Reduction in Discrete Stochastic Simulation of Biochemical Systems
Yang Pu,  Layne T. Watson,  Yang Cao
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

py_bvp: A Universal Python Interface For BVP Codes
Jason Boisvert1,  Paul Muir2,  Raymond Spiteri1
1University of Saskatchewan, 2Saint Mary's University



Morning-1 (Wednesday 4/14, 8:30-10:00)


Performance Analysis of Cooley-Tukey FFT Algorithms for a Many-core Architecture
Long Chen and Guang R. Gao
University of Delaware

Development and Acceleration of Parallel Chemical Transport Models
Paul Eller1,  Kumaresh Singh2,  Adrian Sandu2
1Virginia Tech / ERDC, 2Virginia Tech

Using GPU to Accelerate a Pin-based Multi-level Cache Simulator
Wan Han,  Gao Xiaopeng,  Long Xiang,  Chen Xianqin
Beihang University



Morning-2 (Wednesday 4/14, 10:30-12:00)

Software and Environments

Workflows for Parameter Studies of Multi-Cell Modeling
Randy Heiland,  Maciek Swat,  Benjamin Zaitlen,  James Glazier,  Andrew Lumsdaine
Indiana University

Increased Efficiency In Finite Element Computations Through Template Metaprogramming
Karl Rupp
Institute for Microelectronics, TU Wien

HPC Based Integrated System for Marine Scientists
Mohammed Mujtaba Shareef and Humayun Baig
King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Dhahran

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